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DHR is large strategic opening funded by Tekes. It develops revolutionary ecosystem of connected health solutions with modern human centric approach for personal data management referred as MyData. The target is to make Finland the most advanced nation in digital health solutions. Digital services promoting preventive health care create huge global business opportunities by improving efficiency, reducing costs and improving quality of life for millions. New businesses around wellness applications, self-care and wearable technology are booming. However, the integration of digital technology with existing healthcare processes has been painfully slow, huge gap exists between the fields of strictly regulated official medical care and the quickly moving field of wellness technology. We claim that the promises of preventive health care can only be fulfilled when this gap is closed – health care and self-care becomes seamless continuum “correct information, in the correct hands, at the correct time allowing individuals and professionals to make better decisions”** what we call connected health.


INKA – Digital Biobanks –project aims at creation of new and innovative digital biobank ecosystem. Digitalization of biobank samples facilitates the research as the samples can be retrieved from the database and handled utilizing the latest ICT technology, instead of manually retrieving and handling the sample. The browsing of the digital pathology archives is simple, secure, reliable and location independent. Furthermore, the digital archive enables the development of big data tools. The development of algorithms that can automatically detect e.g. tumor tissue areas and distribution of molecular pathology markers will speed up research and could improve diagnostics too. It is also expected that digital biobanks will create new business opportunities.


The project is first in the larger plan on the strategy to help the valuable work of biobanks transition to digital age and the 4P model.



HILLA is a 5 year 50 M€ acceleration and investment program focusing on smart specialization and utilizing ICT co-creation leverage within selected businesses: wireless ICT, automotive and traffic, health and heavy industries.


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